Flexible workflows in
chemical imaging

Prediktera provides state of the art software for hyperspectral image analysis, modelling and real-time applications.

The all-in-one hyperspectral imaging solution

For the past decade hyperspectral imaging has been an area of extensive research and development and is now gaining momentum for use in a wide range of applications. Going from research to routine analysis and in-line industry process applications has typically involved using several methodologies and tools. At Prediktera we have worked hard to create an easy to use integrated workflow. Capturing hyperspectral data, modelling applications with advanced image segmentation and data analysis and running them in real-time is all built-in to our software suite. 

1. Record

Capture hyperspectral image data directly from camera.

2. Model

Train models and configure your analysis workflows and applications.

3. Analyse

Run your quantification and qualification analysis application in realtime.

4. Control

Visualisation of analysis result or process control and monitoring

From idea to solution

Prediktera provides a complete suite of software to support your workflow and development process. Ranging from research and lab analysis to realtime industry applications, we make it easy to start with an experiment and develop it into a runtime application. Building on our 15 years of experience in chemical imaging, we provide software that is proven in practical use while still being flexible to ease the discovery of new applications.

  • Integrated Realtime Solutions
  • Application Development and Routine Analysis
  • Advanced Data Exploration and Analysis

A complete toolbox

While focusing on building an easy to use software we still take great pride in providing a unique and complete toolbox of technologies to get you further in your hyperspectral applications.


Classify materials based on spectral analysis on pixel and object level.


Measure the chemical content and spatial distribution on pixel and object levels.

Object based analysis

Use segmentation functions to identify objects and perform chemical and morphological analysis of objects such as distribution, shape, dimensions and position.


Test your application in real-time in the lab, then deploy your application in your process using the integrated real-time prediction engine.

The Prediktera software suite


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Hyperspectral Imaging Made Easy

breeze runtime

Integrated Realtime Solutions

This powerful software research toolbox enables you to use multivariate modelling techniques to explore, analyse and understand the chemical information hidden in your images and data.

Simply scan the surface of your object and our software will instantly provide you with an answer. Developing and then running your applications in realtime has now been made easy.

Our latest product offering brings the ease and power of Breeze to embedded real-time solutions for OEMs and machine integrators. Take the next step in machine vision by integrating with our realtime processing API. 

Find your solution

Schedule a product demo or talk to us about your use-case to get suggestions for moving your research or implementation project forward. ​


IASIM 2018 conference

Soon we’re heading to Seattle for the international conference in spectral imaging IASIM-18. Together with our partner HySpex we will demonstrate the Breeze software running

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