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Hyperspectral imaging made easy

Simply scan the surface of your object and within a few seconds our software will provide you with both spatial and chemical information. Breeze makes it easy to collect and analyse hyperspectral images and to develop and run your preferred routine applications in realtime. Complex problems can now be solved and understood — and you don't have to be an expert!

Breeze Breez Camera


Explore hyperspectral imaging

Evince is the ultimate software for analysing and exploring hyperspectral images. This powerful software toolbox enables you to classify and quantify images and samples, using multivariate techniques. Its flexible graphical user interface provides a wide range of visualisations and a clear interaction between data and graphics makes the exploration fast and effective.

We have been a partner with Prediktera for 10 years and are using Evince and Breeze in our research projects on daily basis
Mårten Hetta, Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden


The Prediktera software is used with hyperspectral Imaging, a technology that combines imaging and spectroscopy with the possibility to offer a fast and non-destructive analysis method. For the past decade, hyperspectral imaging has been an area of active research and development, and hyperspectral images have been available only to researchers. We have during the same period of time worked hard to develop software solutions that are easy and efficient to use but still allows you to solve complex problems. Regardless if you are an expert or a new starter — we have the solutions!

  1. User-friendly software solutions for the new starter and the expert
  2. Make your own applications
  3. Run your preferred routine applications
  4. We make it easy for you to efficiently solve complex problems

flexible workflows.


The Prediktera software suite provides tools for powerful exploration of hyperspectral images in an easy to use graphical interface.


Use Breeze to develop applications using quantification, classification and object recognition in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.


Use the developed applications for fast and easy routine analysis and testing of samples, or run the applications integrated in OEM applicances.


See you at the Chii conference 6-7 June in Graz

See you at the Chii conference 6-7 June in Graz

Wednesday 30 May 2018

CEO Andreas Vidman will attend giving a quick presentation on our software solutions and with the chance to meet face to face to share some exciting product news for machine integrators.

Prediktera selected for ABB SynerLeap hub

Prediktera selected for ABB SynerLeap hub

Friday 18 May 2018

Prediktera has been accepted as a new member of ABB’s Growth Hub SynerLeap.
SynerLeap aims to shorten the innovation cycle by opening up ABB:s unique research infrastructure and expertise, and bringing small fast growing startups and ABB together to benefit from the best of the two worlds.

Successful launch of Breeze

Successful launch of Breeze

Wednesday 21 Feb 2018

Umeå Company Prediktera’s advanced image analysis technology reaches an international market. Recently, Breeze has been sold to several new customers. Reported by Affärsliv24

Modelling cheese maturity

Modelling cheese maturity

Thursday 26 Oct 2017

Modelling cheese maturity using hyperspectral imaging and Breeze software. Hyperspectral NIR imaging for fast characterization of cheese based on maturity. Hasitha Priyashantha, PhD Student, Unit for Food Science, SLU, Uppsala Sweden.

Chii conference

Chii conference

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017

Prediktera presents Breeze at the Chii conference in Graz

Hyperspectral course

Hyperspectral course

Friday 28 Apr 2017

Prediktera gives a hyperspectral course in Umeå for supervisors and PhD students

about us.

Prediktera gives you user-friendly software solutions. With over 15 years of experience in data and imaging analysis we aim to be your preferred provider of software solutions for hyper- and multi spectral imaging. We build and develop software that suit your demands: Breeze and Evince are developed to suit both the new starter and the expert. By collaborating with different partners that provide analysis systems, we help them offer solutions with higher value, solving real-world problems and creating value to the end user.

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