If Evince or Breeze does not start on Mac, showing for example error message “Evince could not start”.

1. Open Finder window and go to Evince.app or Breeze.app folder.
2. Right click on Evince.app/Breeze.app add choose “show package contents”
3. Go to folder “Contents/MacOS/”
4. Double click on Evince/Breeze file to start the application

Next time, try to start Evince or Breeze by double clicking on the application icon.

Data processing speed in frames per second (fps). Prediction of hyperspectral imaging data (pixels x wavelength)

Frame size / Method320p x 256w640p x 224w1024p x 448w1024p x 10w
1Background (PCA) + Quantification (PLS)1500 fps780 fps180 fps6100 fps
2Object identification5050 fps2200 fps1100 fps2350 fps
1 + 2Both1150 fps580 fps160 fps1700 fps

Tested on Intel Core i7-4770K CPU 3.50 GHz. Breeze plotting visualisation was turned off

NoManufactorSample moverCamera
– Swir
– FX-10
– FX-17
2Middleton Spectral VisionViaSpec II
3inno-specStepper tableRedEye
5GenericUSB webcam
6PredikteraUmBio InspectorFile reader simulator camera

Breeze supports both Push-broom and Snapshot cameras

If you want to reduce the size of large image files please click here and follow the instructions for how to crop, reduce and export data in Evince

If you want to simulate real time analysis by reading images from your hard drive please click here and follow the instructions for how to setup and use the Breeze Offline Simulator camera.

Please follow the instruction in the pdf: Scaling and pls coefficients

We are using a format called envi, but only a part of that format is required.
For more information click on the pdf: Evince and Breeze hyperspectral file format

Please click in the pdf and follow the instructions: How to activate license

Please follow the instruction in the pdf: Increasing memory instructions

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