Hyperspectral imaging made easy

Simply scan the surface of your object and within a few seconds our software will provide you with both spatial and chemical information. Breeze makes it easy to collect and analyse hyperspectral images and to develop and run your preferred routine applications in realtime. Complex problems can now be solved and understood — and you don’t have to be an expert!

breeze runtime

Integrated realtime solutions

Our latest product offering brings the ease and power of Breeze to embedded real-time solutions. By extending the dynamic features of Breeze with a real-time API we reduce the time-to-market for implementation of chemical imaging for OEMs and machine integrators. Classify and quantify objects in real-time and use Breeze’s advanced object identification and spatial analysis features to simplify further processing of the scanned objects.


Explore hyperspectral imaging

Evince is the ultimate software for analysing and exploring hyperspectral images. This powerful software toolbox enables you to classify and quantify images and samples, using multivariate techniques. Its flexible graphical user interface provides a wide range of visualisations and a clear interaction between data and graphics makes the exploration fast and effective.

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